Welcome to the chess club
"SV Würzburg v. 1865"

Please note that our webpage is mainly in German. Actually, this is the only part available in English. For further information, contact the webmaster or youth coach (Jugendleiter) or try a tool for automatic translation.

Here is our NEWS section, containing information about running tournaments and interesting reports.

For interested players, parents, children: our FLYER (in German) with everything at a glance.

Regular meetings

on Fridays from 17:00 on, open end.
Everybody is always welcome, be it spectators or interested chess players.

Our venue is closed during all school holidays.

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Playing site

2nd floor, at the end of the hallway
Friedricht-Ebert-Ring 27
97070 Würzburg

Directions: Friedrich-Ebert-Ring 27 comprises a large area. The "Albert-Schweitzer-Haus" is, seen from the main street, the last building.